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If your church or ministry is looking for opportunities to serve the less fortunate in your local community, across Greater Atlanta, or around the world --- we can help!

We can help start an impactful missions program in your church, connect you with great local mission opportunities or coordinate a team going on an overseas mission trip.

We partner with groups such as Serve the World, Project Live Love, and others to facilitate numerous events each year where churches and ministries can combine forces and work together to serve "the least of these" around Greater Atlanta.

Here are a few examples of what we do and how you can serve:


We offer many opportunities to help single moms, struggling families, battered women, foster children, the elderly, the homeless and more in real, practical and tangible ways.

We organize Community Serve Days for people to be able to help at different centers and shelters by providing meals & and services to the homeless, as well as doing mini-home improvement makeovers (painting, lawn care, minor home repairs, etc) for single moms and the elderly.

We can also custom tailor a unique and life-changing community service event for your church.


We have several Serve Events, Programs and Initiatives for people to jump in and help with across Greater Atlanta throughout the year:

  • Our Give the Bird program provides 100's of single moms and struggling families a complete Thanksgiving meal (12-15 lb Turkey and all the sides).

  • Our Christmas Adopt a Family program provides many single moms, struggling families and children in foster care Christmas gifts for their children.

  • Our Homeless Wellness Events provide meals, haircuts, nail care, health screenings and care, hygiene kits and more for 100's of homeless people, children and families.

  • Our Homeless Winter Survival program has events where we give out blankets, coats and cold weather supplies to help the homeless survive the cold nights on the streets. As well, we go out across Greater Atlanta whenever the temperature gets below freezing to give out blankets and supplies.


We have great relationships with local churches and pastors in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba and many other places. Many of our association churches have relationships all over the world. We can help organize a trip for your church or connect you with another church for a joint mission trip.

* NOTE: Noonday Association, our Churches, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, and Serve the World have come together in an incredible way to help the people of Puerto Rico recover from the devastation of hurricane Maria. We have an extensive network of churches in Puerto Rico we are working with. Noonday has been asked by Stuart Lang of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board to take the lead in coordinating relief efforts and mobilizing mission teams. Please continue to pray and support our efforts to help our brothers and sisters in their time of need and to reach "Puerto Rico para Christo" - Puerto Rico for Christ.

For more information about any of these local/global mission opportunities, please email Howard Koepka.