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In consultation with the pastoral and ministerial staff, the Minister of Music leads the ministry of music throughout the life of the church. This includes using the congregation’s musical gifts as a means of and aid to worship, leading the congregation to minister to each other through music, and fostering musical talents and expression among all age groups within the congregation.



1.      Plan, organize, and lead the ministry of music.
a.       In cooperation with the Pastor to organize and plan the structure and flow of the weekly service
b.      Direct and/or oversee all adult, youth, and children’s choirs.  Develop soloist presentations and assist them with selections of appropriate musical material for services.
c.       Organize and oversee youth, children, and preschool musical activities with the help of volunteer coordinators, directors, and workers.
d.      Direct and/or oversee all adult and musical activities.
e.       Direct and/or oversee all instrumental (orchestra, band, hand bell, etc.) activities.
f.        Supervise accompanist, sound, and video personnel. Provide resources including music, sequence and materials needed for each week, and oversee accuracy of presentation and planning programs.
g.      Encourage congregational singing as an essential part of worship.
h.      Encourage and lead the development of additional choral and/or instrumental groups within the congregation.
i.        Encourage and recruit members of the congregation of all ages to offer their musical gifts in the service of Christ and the church in a wide variety of ways.


2.      Administer the music ministry program effectively.
a.       Attend staff and program meetings to provide professional guidance and assist in planning to ensure a high-quality music ministry program.
b.      Provide for the systematic care of all music ministry materials, including choir robes and the church music library.
c.       Provide for the systematic care and maintenance of pianos, organ, handbells, and other church-owned musical instruments, and develop a plan for ensuring that they remain fully functional and up to date.
d.      Plan and oversee the budget for the music ministry program
e.       Purchase music, musical materials, musical and sound equipment in accordance with the proper procedures of the Budget and Finance Committee.
f.        Coordinate with facility manager to secure HVAC settings and door locks for all music activities and rehearsals.
g.      Other duties as assigned by the Pastor or the Executive Council.


3.      Continue to grow professionally as a church musician.
a.       Remain abreast of current developments in church music by maintaining contact with other churches and professional groups.
b.      Be active in professional development through continuing education, reading current literature, and participating in professional organizations.
4.      Highlight the spiritual dimension of music.
a.       Promote an understanding of music as an arena for spiritual growth in relationship to Jesus Christ.
b.      Teach how music is connected to the worship service’s biblical and spiritual message.
c.       Model a Christian attitude of welcome and concern, fostering supportive and caring relationships among choir members and other participants in the music ministry program.
d.      Take leadership in providing ministerial care for those involved in the music ministry and provide opportunities for fellowship.



·         Firm personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

·         Has expressed and demonstrated a call to music ministry.

·         Commitment to seeing music as a ministry of spiritual growth and development.

·         Appropriate musical education/training and/or professional experience.

·         Possess skills in teaching and directing a choir and/or congregation.  Able to select appropriate music for skill level of group and style of setting.

·         Demonstrates leadership qualities in recruitment, program coordination, and administration.

·         Ability to work in planning and programming and in providing support, encouragement, and guidance for ministerial and support staff.

·         Demonstrates knowledge of the theology and practice of worship.

·         Ability to make a creative contribution to the total church program.

·         Ministerial concern for all persons in the music ministry.

·         Ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people of all ages.



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