Website Roswell Street Baptist Church

·        Assist the director of Facility Maintenance

·        Work on day to day interior/exterior repairs

·        Perform Preventative Maintenance on all Facility equipment as required

·        Perform weekly light bulb check/replacement

·        Provide coverage as needed

·        Help maintain records of all maintenance and preventative maintenance

·        Assist the Director in compilation of weekly/daily work plan

·        Keep an up to date inventory of maintenance parts that should be on site whenever required (light bulbs, fan belts, air moving equipment, etc.)

·        Diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair any equipment that will not work as it should – where possible

·        Keep the property free from trash and pavements or sidewalks clear.

·        Do a complete light check in all spaces on a weekly basis.

·        Fill the baptistery tub whenever called upon.

·        Test run the generators on weekly basis and make sure they are always ready should there be a power disruption.

·        Check for leaks around the building and have them repaired as soon as possible.

·        Sundays – make sure all the spaces to be occupied are accessible and comfortable (cool/heat).

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