National Day of Prayer 2021

Apr 15, 2021 | Noonday | 0 comments

Did you know the United States’ national calendar sets aside a nationwide “day of prayer” that has been the law of our land since the 1950s? This year, the first Thursday of May–May 6, 2021–is the 70th observation of the National Day of Prayer.

A member of one of Noonday Baptist Association churches recently joined the staff of the Colorado Springs, Colorado-headquartered National Day of Prayer Task Force, which promotes the Judeo-Christian expression of the National Day of Prayer. Over 18,000 volunteers across the nation mobilize unified public prayer across America (through in-person, virtual, and telephone prayer calls which occur throughout the year.) Feel free to contact our local point of contact, Wayne Odom, directly at or text or call 770-310-3209.

This year’s theme, “Love, Life, and Liberty,” has a number of matching resources such as bookmarks or bulletin pamphlets that include the 2021 National Prayer. You can find those resources HERE. There are also free media resources for your church that you can find HERE.

Click HERE to find out where events are already scheduled and open to the public for your members to attend community prayer gatherings or to let others know of a prayer event you are hosting.