Scholarship Application


This scholarship is intended to assist students of Noonday Association churches who desire to attend college, university, or seminary for both undergraduate and postgraduate education.  The desired result of this scholarship is to equip Christian leaders for religious and secular careers.


  • Available to students at all levels of post-secondary education (undergraduate and postgraduate education), with a minimum half-time enrollment.
  • Must demonstrate a basis for financial need and, if required, provide relevant documentation.
  • Must be an active member or dependent child of an active member of a church affiliated with Noonday Association, or who hold an appropriate affiliation with Noonday Association.
  • Must have an appropriate affiliation with a church within the Noonday Baptist Association (e.g., son or daughter of a foreign missionary from a Noonday Baptist Association church; or a college student that was a member of a Noonday Baptist Association church while in high school, who has moved his or her membership to a local church at his or her college campus).
  • Must be nominated through a current written recommendation of a current ministerial staff member of a Noonday Association church.
  • Must demonstrate Christian leadership.
  • Although this is primarily a scholarship based on financial need, applicants are expected to show that they are committed to academic success. (3.0 GPA or higher is required.)

Reapplication Process

  • Recipients may reapply for this scholarship each year by completing a new application including all essays. If reapplying, all essays and recommendation letters must be renewed each year.
  • As of 2017, reapplying students will only be allowed to apply for three (3) consecutive years.

Selection Process

  • The Trustees will notify by mail all Noonday Baptist Association churches in the fall of each year of application availability and will establish a deadline for receipt of completed applications.
  • The Trustees of the Noonday Baptist Association to review all applications and to determine awards will establish a selection committee each year.  This committee’s work will be confidential except for their report to Noonday Baptist Association Trustees.
  • The Trustees will determine final decisions related to the scholarship awards.  Awards will be based heavily on financial need.
  • Colleges/Universities: Due to financial considerations, the trustees will not approve applications for out-of-state schools where the same course of study is offered by an in-state school.
  • Seminary Students: Students attending only Southern Baptist Seminaries will be considered for scholarships, whether the seminary is in-state or out-of-state.  Those attending other Bible Seminaries/Schools out-of-state will not be considered.
  • Christian Schools: If the course of study is not offered in an in-state Christian school, the trustees could approve a scholarship to attend a Southern Baptist Christian School that offers the particular area of study that is desired.  Students who indicate that their course of study is not offered in an in-state Christian school and desire consideration for a scholarship to attend a Southern Baptist College in another state MUST write an additional essay giving DETAILED information with:
    1. A full explanation of their desired course of study
    2. A factual, detailed explanation of why the courses of study in the Christian colleges in Georgia do not provide the instruction needed.
  • Awards will only be approved for fully accredited schools listed as such by the Federal Department of Education through the applicable Regional Association of Schools and Colleges and/or such professional associations as the Association of Theological Schools, the National Schools of Music, etc.
  • Accredited On-Line programs from out-of-state institutions will be considered as an exception.

Scholarship Amount and Disbursement Procedures

  • Awards will vary in amount and number of recipients from year to year, as determined by the Trustees.
  • Scholarships will be distributed in equal partial amounts, by semester or quarter, with first payment to be made in the fall quarter or semester and second payment to be made in the winter quarter or semester, and, if applicable, a third payment in the third quarter, with payments made directly to the financial aid office of the appropriate college, university or seminary.
  • Recipients must notify the Noonday Association office in writing by November 1st of their intention to continue enrollment or change of school for the next quarter or semester before the second installment is mailed. If a recipient decides to change schools after the first check is issued, then verification of scholarship eligibility for that school is required before the next check is issued.


Click HERE to open the 2019-2020 Scholarship Application. If you have any questions, contact Arlene Thornton at (770) 422-3347.

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