Updated Constitution & Bylaws

In March 2020, as the pandemic began to shut our society down, we put together a task force from the Administration Team and Executive Committee to look at our systems. In addition to systems and organizational change, it was evident that the Constitution & Bylaws needed updating. We formed a Constitution & Bylaws Task Force consisting of past Noonday Moderators Adrian Coetzer, Perry Fowler, and Kim Harris, current Moderator, Dexter Hardy, and Kevin Dunlap of the church planting team. This team rewrote the Bylaws to do what church consultant Nelson Searcy would say was “required by law.” Operational procedures and policies are contained in a different document.

In May of this year the task group sent the updated Constitution & Bylaws to the Administration Team to discuss and ask questions; they approved the document and sent it to the Executive Committee who also adopted and approved.

We had a Q&A session in June and then a joint Administration Team and Executive Committee meeting where we voted to affirm the document and we had two more Q&A sessions this month. The final step is to send it to the Annual Meeting in August for a vote.

You can access the updated Constitution & Bylaws here: NBA Revised Constitution Bylaws 210615

You can access the original 2001 document here: NBA Bylaws Revised 08-02-01 Approved 10-09-2001 Published