Scholarship Application

Noonday Scholarships 2024-2025

“Wise men and women are always learning,
always listening for fresh insights.” – Proverbs 18:15

2024-2025 Scholarship Information!

The Noonday Foundation has approved the funds for this year’s scholarship and has reopened the scholarship to new applicants! To begin the process, complete the eligibility form at the link below NO LATER THAN APRIL 30, 2024. Upon proof of eligibility, you will be sent the Application which will need to be completed no later than May 31, 2024.

2024-2025 ELIGIBILITY FORM Complete no later than April 30, 2024.

At Noonday, we desire to equip Christian leaders for religious and secular careers through the Noonday Scholarship by assisting students affiliated with Noonday Association churches who desire to attend college, university, or seminary for undergraduate or postgraduate education. The Noonday Scholarship is intended to assist those students who have the scholastic aptitude but have limited financial resources.


Students are eligible for the Noonday Scholarship if they meet the following requirements:

  • Student is seeking post-secondary education (undergraduate or postgraduate) with a minimum half-time enrollment.
  • Student’s course of study is being pursued at an in-state school in the state of Georgia or at one of the six Southern Baptist seminaries in the United States.
  • If taking online-only coursework, the student’s school has an office in the state of Georgia.
  • Student is attending a fully accredited school listed as such by the Federal Department of Education through the applicable Regional Association of Schools and Colleges or such professional associations as the Association of Theological Schools, the National School of Music, etc.
  • Student has an affiliation with Noonday Baptist Association (NBA) in at least one of the following ways:
    • Is an active member of a church affiliated with NBA.
    • Is the dependent child of a member of a church affiliated with NBA.
    • Is the child of a missionary from an NBA church.
    • Is a college student that was a member of an NBA church while in high school, but has moved their membership to a church local to their college campus.
  • Student demonstrates a basis for financial need, providing relevant documentation if required.
  • Student shows they are committed to academic success by having a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Student demonstrates Christian leadership.


  • Reapplying students can apply for a maximum of three (3) more consecutive years.
  • Reapplying students will complete a new application each year, including essays and recommendation letters.

Application Documents

The application documents will include the application form which includes three (3) essays, three (3) recommendation letters, and a school transcript.

  • Essays: Each essay should be at least two paragraphs long. Essay topics:
    1. Give your Christian testimony and explain how you seek to apply your Christian faith in your daily walk with the Lord.
    2. Explain how this scholarship will help meet your financial needs in pursuing your educational goals.
    3. Briefly describe your long-term goals.
  • Recommendation letters: Three (3) current recommendation letters should be submitted, one each from:
    1. A ministerial staff member of a Noonday Association church. (Or if from a non-ministerial staff member, a ministerial staff member has cosigned.)
    2. A Christian layperson that is personally familiar with your Christian walk and leadership abilities.
    3. A member of the administration, faculty, or campus Christian organization of the school you are presently attending.
  • School transcript: A current full year high school or full year college transcript should be sent directly from the school to Noonday. (If you have only attended college for one semester, a full year high school transcript and a partial year college transcript should be provided.) The school can send to Noonday by mail (Noonday Baptist Association Scholarships, 1348 Canton Rd., Marietta, GA 30066) or by email ([email protected]). (Be sure to ask your school for this early in the process so that they can get your transcript to us in time. Mention the application deadline to them as well. Remember that incomplete applications cannot be considered.)

Selection Process

  • The Trustees of the Noonday Baptist Association determine the amount of scholarship money available each year as well as the eligibility requirements.
  • Noonday churches will be notified of the scholarship each year.
  • Each year the Trustees establish a Scholarship Selection Committee to review all applications and determine awards. Awards are based heavily on financial need. The committee’s work is kept confidential.
  • The Trustees approve final decisions based on the recommendations of the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  • Awards will vary in amount and number of recipients from year to year based on number of accepted applications and determination of the Trustees.

Scholarship Disbursement

  • Scholarships will be split into two equal amounts by semester, with the first payment to be made for the fall semester and the second payment to be made for the winter semester. (If school runs on the quarter system, the scholarship will be distributed in three equal amounts, one for each quarter.)
  • Checks will be made out to the student and the student’s school, requiring both signatures to deposit.
  • Checks will be mailed to the student at the address the student gives in July for fall semester and in November for winter semester. It will be the student’s responsibility to endorse the check and get the check to the school’s financial aid office.
  • If student changes schools or decides not to attend the second term, Noonday should be notified as soon as possible. Scholarships are not automatically transferrable to another school; verification of scholarship eligibility is required before the second check is distributed.

History of the Noonday Scholarship

The Noonday Scholarship began in 1996 with the establishment of the Audrey Groover Scholarship Fund. R. C. and Audrey Groover were faithful members serving at Fellowship Baptist Church in Smyrna. They loved children but had none of their own. It was Mr. Groover’s intent that Noonday Baptist Association provide financial assistance for children of Noonday churches, specifically for students who have scholastic aptitude and a desire to continue their education but have a financial need. His desire was to afford young Christian men and women the opportunity to fulfill their God given potential through a quality education in order to become Christian leaders in their community and church.

Later, when Fellowship Baptist Church concluded its ministry in 2005, they funded the Fellowship Baptist Church Scholarship Fund from a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the church’s property, thus enlarging the Noonday Scholarship fund.

Additionally, miscellaneous gifts from individuals and organizations continue to add to the Scholarship fund.

The Groover and Fellowship Awards use only the interest from the funds. The remainder stays in an investment account to help assist with scholarships for many years to come.