Helpful Church Docs

Jan 30, 2023 | Articles

Here are some links to documents and resources that should prove helpful in your church and ministry:

Child Abuse Resources

Church Administration Resources

Forming a Pastor Search Committee

  • The Pastor Search Committee, a pdf format manual developed by Paul Powell, provides detailed processes and considerations for churches seeking to form a pastor search committee. The manual provides a foundation for beginning. Each congregation must adjust the process to best fit the model and life of the church.

Church Weekday Human Resources Helps

Job Descriptions

Personnel Committees may also be interested in The Big Book of Job Descriptions.

Spiritual Gifts Inventories

Spiritual Gifts Inventories can be useful in helping members determine where they may most effectively serve using their gifts and passions.  There are a variety of instruments available.  Please select the one most appropriate to your needs.


  • Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool by Ministry Matters free and online. (click) Provides automatic online results.
  • S.H.A.P.E. is a study and inventory instrument created by Saddleback resource.  It can be purchased for a fee. (click)
  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory and resources from Lifeway. (click) Inventory is free in pdf format and is self-scored by hand.

Staff Compensation Resources

Two resources are provided below that may assist Personnel or Search Committees in determining appropriate levels of compensation for church staff.

Legal Matters

  • Background Checks are an essential part of protecting your children & youth from predators and should be completed on any individual (staff or volunteer) with children or youth in any capacity in your congregation. Services available through Lifeway.
  • Keeping Your Church Out of Court is no longer available from the Christian Life Commission. Churches may wish to consider resources available from Church Law and Tax, a paid subscription newsletter.
  • Noonday Association recommends Ministry Safe as an option for churches seeking to guard against and prevent child sexual abuse.