As we gather to celebrate what God is doing in our associational churches in this 164th year of the Noonday Baptist Association, we want to rally to IMPACT our communities with the Gospel like never before. Following a short business meeting for our messengers, all are invited to dinner, a rally, and breakouts that will equip us for the days ahead to make a huge IMPACT in our world.

Registration is required. Cost for dinner is $7.00 per person.





4:30pm-5:15pm: Annual Business Meeting

5:15pm-5:45pm: Dinner

6:00pm-6:30pm: Rally

Guest speaker: Dr. Ike Reighard, Senior Pastor, Piedmont Church, and President & CEO, MUST Ministries

6:45pm-7:45pm: Breakout Sessions





Kids: Jessica Bealer

Better Conversations, Greater Impact

Clear communication is key to success in ministry but there are certain conversations that matter more. In this session we’ll discuss practical ways to better connect with kids, students and parents.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to connect with kids, students, and parents.
  • Gain practical tips for improving communication.
  • Discover the importance of clear conversations in ministry.
  • Walk away with ideas for making an impactful difference.


Demographics: Tom Carringer, Daryl Price, Kim Harris

Deserts and Oasis in Cobb County

Deserts and oasis of people and churches have created unique opportunities for ministry. We’ll look at how these demographic patterns effect ministry and provide potential opportunities for Kingdom growth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover new deserts and oases in Cobb County for ministry
  • Learn about the changing demographics of our neighborhoods
  • Equip yourself to reach unchurched people in your area
  • Gain a deeper understanding of God’s mission in our changing world


Finances: Brian Dodd

10 Giving Systems Every Church Must Have to be Fully Funded

Where there is no vision, the people perish. But where there are no financial resources, the vision perishes. Generosity coach and leadership expert Brian Dodd will discuss how you can implement this strategy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to create a giving culture in your church.
  • Discover the 10 systems you need to be fully funded. 
  • Get strategies for implementing these systems in your church.
  • Hear how Piedmont Church increased its weekly giving 18% during the pandemic


Communications, Leadership: Joy Drake

Using Tech Tools to Know and Grow the Church

In this session, you’ll learn how to use technology to increase your churches impact, reach more people and help them in practical ways. We’ll discuss Google Ads for Nonprofits, GLOO, Instagram Reels, and more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to use technology to reach more people and grow the church.
  • Get easy-to-implement action plans for online ministry.
  • Leverage powerful online tools to fulfill your ministry goals.
  • Gain practical skills that you can use right away to impact your church’s growth


Young Adult Ministry: PJ Dunn

Reaching & Engaging Young Adults in Your Community

Young adults crave community where they can go on mission, find authentic relationships and belonging. How will your church reach 20 to 30-year-old adults in your community?

What You‘ll Learn How To:

  • Increase your church’s reach to young adults in the community. 
  • Engage young adults in authentic relationships. 
  • Provide a sense of belonging for young adults. 


Womens Ministry: Kim Hardy

Coaching Your Team Through Change and Challenges

This class will arm you with creative ways to help your team become intentionally alive and aligned with the best ways to maneuver change.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Transform your team’s ability to manage change and challenges 
  • Learn creative ways to help your team become intentionally alive and aligned 
  • Equip yourself with the best tools to help your team thrive during times of change 


Prayer: Elaine Helms

Developing Praying People and a Praying Church

This workshop will cover what it takes to equip, energize, and mobilize members to become praying people. Subjects like training, opportunities, and promotion will be discussed.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Equip your church members to become praying people.
  • Learn how to develop a culture of prayer in your church.
  • Get training, resources, and opportunities to help you pray more effectively.
  • Mobilize your church members to pray for their community and the world.


Student Ministry: Chris Trent

Current Trends Among Teenagers

In this breakout we will look at how current trends are shaping our approach to reaching teenagers with the Gospel and how those trends are impacting discipleship through teaching opportunities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn about the latest trends in student ministry
  • Gain insight on how to reach teenagers with the Gospel
  • Discover how to disciple teenagers through teaching opportunities
  • Get equipped to reach this crucial age group for Christ